Here, the robins return in spring, and the osprey, along with many of our migratory species. But, the humble robin, a bird of which few take notice, tells me spring has spring. And, in fall, it is the starling. European imports that sail in great murmurations across the sky. Again, not a magnificent bird, but a predictable indicator.

Did you meet the Roberts? They sound like lovely people.

Thank you for the seasonal check-in, Prue, and congratulations on The Red Thread. Thrilling! 🎈

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Prue, with an early-morning start on a misty-moisty autumn day on which the sky was still dark when I opened the curtains, this beautiful post about spring springing so wonderfully in Tasmania has given me such a boost! Thank you.

The story of how you inherited the garden is beautiful. Where it comes to a garden's identity, continuity is as important as any new-generation planting!

Such great links to check out, too - you give us such treasures to explore. Grateful and honoured that you've included my own - thank you.


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Beautiful. Congrats on the fab reviews!

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Thank you for that lovely peaceful interlude. It's autumnal sunshine here with misty morning starts and a stillness in the air. I love that book The Dalai Lamas Cat! I did not know the author was on here, thank you for sharing that. 🙏

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