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Beautiful. So relatable, the search for and journey towards a simple, comfortable life focusing that which is in my control

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Prue, there's so much to love in this beautiful post! You've transported me thousands of miles yet at the same time awoken things right here in my head that needed to stir. Another gift of a beautiful read this dark and rainy Saturday morning (despite being SUMMER over here!) - thank you so much. 😊

Those fabulous comments from your editor must be making you glow as much as those winter swims of yours do. Absolutely wonderful! 🌟

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What a calm, grounded journey this was. Confident, too, it its own way. In her final years, my mother took to saying, "It is what it is." Somehow, for me, it never sounded quite like her, she was so tenacious and apt to question everything that didn't suit her. But, I think one of the gifts of getting older is in recognizing the beauty in not overthinking, or overcomplicating.

Nuggets that leapt off the page:

That chard - a work of art!

That soup - it's 90 degrees and humid here, but now I want bean soup.

"Artlessness" - a word to learn/remember to use, its meaning not at all what one might guess (at least *this* one).

Your novel - just thrilling! I can't quite imagine. I suppose all writers are expected to consider the notion of publishing books, yet it feels mysterious and out of reach for me. I'm so impressed!

The Dictionary of Lost Words - a book shared with me by a dear, dear friend, because she, like I, loves words. I enjoyed that book SO much!

Thank you, Prue.

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Absolutely loved this post - you can even make bean soup seem profound and note worthy! Your chard is stunning, such vibrant colours. But I have to mention: "I look at the world and feel I must walk away to where the only intensity is the colour of the sky not politics, the sound of the sea heals the rancour of the front page, and the call of birds nullifies the snick-snack of social media." Not only because I feel just the same but also, because "snick-snack of social media" is a perfect construction. When I myself have squandered too much time on social media, I feel as though I've eaten a meat pie that is well past its sell-by date ...

As always, adore hearing anything to do with The Terrier who always remains steadfast and true :)

Keep on keeping Prue - such brill writing! xo

PS Congrats too on that note from your editor!! I would be reading that over and over, on the hour, if that was me!

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