Thanks for taking me for a swim today; I was there, if not in body, then definitely in spirit!

Also, thank you for the mention, it means a lot.

I'm in the same boat with my granddaughter (PreK 3). She goes Mon. thru Fri. all day and doesn't FaceTime as much as she used to. Maybe she's outgrowing her Mimi? Luckily she has a younger sister who loves to be the center of attention when her older sibling is at school. I better take advantage...it really doesn't last long.

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Oh, Prue, how much I love to see your swimming place. Pure bliss!

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The Australian coast. I've pictured my baby girl (now 26) there often, and now also you. How I wish it weren't so far from me.

Favorite lines:

"The sea is calm to the horizon although a deep navy line is stitched along the edge – a sign the sea breeze is heading my way." I love how we learn to read the water just as we learn to read words on a page.

"I’m a writer – half my day is spent looking for the right word, the right fact." I'm such a lover of words. The attraction - compulsion? - to finding just the right one is not understood by the majority.

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