I loved this post, Prue! Your comment about your arches made me smile - how lovely! I have a never-ending struggle with my feet - they're blunt oblongs the width of a plank, in a UK size 9 (US 11 - I don't know what size that would be Down Under, though!). Mind you, I'm a strapping 6-footer, so it's fair enough. 😉

I had a friend who used to do ballet - she would often suffer what would very prettily be called a 'strawberry toe' - which despite the name was sadly a thing of pain rather than prettiness!

Thank you so much for the mention and rec - you're so kind! And a lovely coincidence (as you'll see from my own post that's scheduled for a little later!). ♥️

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Thanks so much, Rebecca.

Shoes here are the same as the States (heavens knows why) but if you like, I'll swap a bit of your oblongs for my shorts. The widths we'll have to share.

I suspect I'm going to have to move into thicker soles and 'gym shoes' and I can see Mum up there, swigging a gin and with cigarette in hand (doesn't sound as tho' she was elegant does it, but she was super gorgeous) and laughing with some irony at my dissatisfaction.

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Enjoyed your post...alas, I can relate to problems of the feet (in my case the foot). I've suffered with periodic plantar fasciitis and a plantar plate tear, which caused me to wonder why the right foot and not the left? My right foot has a 'Morton's toe' which means the second toe is slightly larger than the great toe. Could this minor irregularity cause so many problems? Google says yes.

Anyway, consistent stretching of a tight hamstring helped the fasciitis and I taped my toes and used a metatarsal pad for several weeks which a podiatrist on youtube advised. It helped the pain/buring in the ball of my foot, which I believe means the tear is healed, but that second toe still clings to his larger neighbor.

I began wearing Dansko brand shoes and I LOVE them. The larger toe box is quite comfortable and they offer a variety of styles. My athletic pair offers a 'rocker' in the sole that helps with foot pain and high arches, which I also have. They're pricey but worth it! I'd rather have a few quality pairs of shoes than a closet full of cheaper, uncomfortable ones.

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I sympathise so much. Foot pain shows on one's face no matter what.

And once we start to favour a foot, so it creates a domino effect - a knee will get sore, then a hip, then the lower back. Foot comfort is all that's for sure.

I now possess a shaving bag discarded by my husband which is filled with pads, blister packs, bits of silicone and heel grips and in my wardrobe, I keep a sheet of podiatry foam which I can cut and fit into various shoes at any time.

I managed to get proper athletic runners 2 weeks ago but I'm still wearing them in - the soles are firm and it may be that I need a softer sole for a consummate fit. It's a nuisance as runners are very expensive and I don't want to waist money.

This week, I'm off to buy a pair of thick-soled shoes to wear with jeans. Or maybe not. I have zero expectations of being to find comfort and not have my face screwed into the shape of a walnut! Cheers!

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