My husband and I had some of our first dates on a 12 foot nipper sailboat. We dumped it more than once, but oh the memories. Just like you are talking about. I wish you well with your new endeavor.

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I just love the word conniption! I did have to look iontophoresis to see what it might fix. Hope to see you soon.

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I had to look up 'conniption' - what a lovely word! But this isn't hysterics, or barminess - this is nostalgia, hiraeth; simply your desire to revisit something you know you'll really enjoy.

That sabot is a cutesy! I too sailed dinghies as a child - not on the sea, but on local reservoirs and, every summer on the lake where my grandparents lived. Many other kids at our sailing club had Optimists - 'Oppies' - tiny, very blunt-ended little tubs of wooden-hulled boats not dissimilar in shape to your sabot. My brother and I never stood a chance of sailing one of those - we were very tall and broad from a young age - so my parents bought us a second-hand Topper - fibreglass, very shallow-hulled, and we would sail just lying across it!

Sailing was fine but I didn't enjoy all the rigging and derigging... and the getting cold and wet in between!

THANK YOU for Rod Stewart - 'Sailing' was the last song on side B of the record I played over and over and over again when I was very small - 'Atlantic Crossing', from 1977. I remember side B much better than side A - the first song on side B was 'I Don't Want to Talk About It', and that's the one I heard the most. Out of every song in the world it's still my favourite now.

Prue, this was such a gorgeous read. Thank you. 😘

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Such delight you've captured here, Prue! There aren't many activities I can say I've done since childhood, and sailing was certainly not one of them. That came much later, in my 20s, and I never gained the confidence I'd need to take a boat out on my own, despite living aboard and sailing abundantly for most of that decade. I love that it's in your blood!

Partly for that reason, I wouldn't have thought to use the word "conniption" to describe your urge to get back to what you know. so well. (Incidentally, here, the word is rarely used without being followed by "fit.") Sounds to me like your intuition, perhaps sprinkled with a bit of impulse, is telling you exactly where to go, not unlike your recent swim.

The music video brought back some youthful memories of my own, though I had to chuckle at Rod Stewart as sailor, looking, in my mind's eye, like Stuart Little on his sailing adventure.

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Great post, Prue!

Thanks for sharing The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows; I'd never heard of it until now and it sounds wonderful! I plan to order a copy myself. I've also heard positive reviews about Greenlights from others. Since the author is as good a narrator as he is a writer I'll add that one to my audiobook list.

I also enjoy creating stories about random strangers on the street (and glad to know I'm in good company!)

Good luck with the sailing adventure if you decide to give it a go. If not, find joy in your memories and peace knowing that 'living within our means' can also refer to our physical ability to do something. It's wisdom...telling us potential injuries (these days) take too damn long to heal! 😉

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