Oof, your poor husband! That had to hurt for a long while. In spite of that, I loved this piece and now want to read your book. As you know, I'm in the midst of that awful grieving process right now, so I approach reading about grieving tentatively, ever ready to bail. Still, I think I'm ready to give it a try.

That cake looks amazing. Any chance you'll print the recipe? ❤️️

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I remember that time Prue, looking back it was such a harrowing and worrying time! Annie as you know I loved. Poor dog too,people like that family should not be allowed have have a dog.

I love that you're like me in as much as when I'm upset and stressed I keep myself busy. Xxx much love xx

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WOW I felt like I was riding along to the hospital with your husband here (stressed!) and then the awful thing about your Terrier being attacked (this is something else we also have in common as my 'Stanley' has been dog reactive (fear based) till very, very recently and having an encounter of the "Off-Lead" kind, is one of my top ten terrors!!) Such a lot to be going on with - thank goodness for cake and yours looks delish. And then as I read further, a lovely shout-out to my blog! So touched, I am - thank you Prue SO much, you have made my week. I am so happy that we have connected in this way xo

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A HUGE undertaking!

Daunting, I think.

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A former farmer (though not of sheep) I could picture the whole, horrifying scene. There is a similarly moving one, more like what emerged in Passage, in Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer. We hold our breath collectively and wade through the sorrow together. I’m so glad he was able to heal. Nice piece, Prue. Now I want chocolate cake.

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