Most know me as award-winning fiction writer, Prue Batten - author of some fourteen novels and a handful of anthologies and novellas. I mostly live in the past (I’m a hist.fict writer) - my escape from the world as it is.

I live as far south in the world as one can go without being in Antarctica. Tasmania is a beautiful little island a few hundred kilometres south of mainland Australia. It’s so far from the rest of the world’s sophistication and terror that most often it seems like Paradise.

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I’ve posted regularly for twelve years on my (very) eclectic blog, . The style will be the same. You’ll rarely if ever see anything about the craft of writing on Knots in the String and you’ll be relieved that I’m selling nothing, just offering an introvert’s view of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Knots in the String is as free and unfettered as the wind…

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prue batten

A former journalist and now an award-winning cross-genre fiction writer.